Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How To Avoid Getting Distracted While Tackling Homework?

It is natural for anyone to get a little bit bored when they have to do something as grueling as studying. However, it’s better to get all your homework done instead of sitting in front of it and getting distracted by unimportant things. But how can students, especially those with short attention spans, stop getting distracted?

By following a few tips, you can dramatically reduce the time you spent doing nothing and get yourself free from homework:

1.  Avoid Going Online

A lot of students go online for homework and end up getting distracted. Then they scramble to get things done as they leave everything to the last moment. Instead of thinking- I could always get someone to write my essay for me, think of how you can avoid going online for your research. Go through your text books, visit the library. Consider all offline options. If you must go online, avoid checking your social network or email.

2.  Move Around

It gets tiresome to be stuck in the same position for hours. If you aren’t writing, try moving around as you learn notes or read. Many students find it helps to move as they read their books. You can even use an exercise bike or a treadmill. Stand at your desk instead of sitting. Of course, you need to make sure you don’t get so engrossed in your physical activity that you forget the mental one you are supposed to be doing.

3.  Speak Out loud And Paraphrase the material

You won’t retain much if you silently read whatever material you need to get through. Saying things out loud not only makes us read the words, but to reflect on them as we hear them. It helps our brains memorize the material faster as well as analyze it. While you’re reading the material, remember to paraphrase it in your own words. Paraphrasing makes sure you have understood all the important points. It will also help you if you don’t understand something and you can ask about it the next day in class.

4.  Take A Break

No one can dash off their work in an hour. But a lot of students are reluctant to start because they know the large amount of time that will have to be dedicated to working. Instead of being overwhelmed by the amount of work that has to be done, promise yourself a break when you start. Work for half an hour and then take a ten minute break.

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