Saturday, 21 March 2015

Is SAT Math Easier As Compared To High School Math?

Need tips for SAT preparation? Here are a few

Mathematics may not always be everyone’s strong suit, but if you have studied high school math, then a few advancements in your pre-knowledge can prepare you for it in no time. An SAT math test may follow an unlikely format in the test, but it is basically an advanced form of what you have previously studied in junior and high school.

When it comes to solving a mathematical problem in your SAT you have to get someone my homework done before you go for the actual test. A lot of math questions are structured such that require no uncanny formulas but the ones you are already familiar with. Therefore, before one goes to give their exam it is essential that they memorize a few well known or commonly acknowledged formulas. This may come in handy and save you a lot of time. The student can almost gain time because memorized formulas allow them to solve questions in a reflexive and quick manner.

Questions in a Math test are usually the same as high school; hence the questions must be read carefully instead of writing answers to difficult and lengthy questions impulsively. All questions that are not multiple choice or do not require well known formulas should be thoroughly and carefully read before attempted to be answered. Note carefully the items that need solving in the question and work around them step by step. This way your written answers gain structure and validity.

A tip that is taught to students in their high school math is to roughly answer a question at the back of a paper before you solve it finally. This helps the student save time and counter check their formula and their answer. The process minimizes the possibility of errors and as many times you read the question an aspect of the answer reveals itself to you.

Lastly, if you are quick at calculating answers in your mind keep a calculator by your side so you do not complicate your final answer. You can validate your mental calculations with an actual calculator and counter check your answers before you start writing them down. This can quicken the process of solving the paper as well. Therefore, SAT Math as compared to High School math has more finesse and advancement; it is the basic skills taught with a more complicated approach.

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